Each athlete's competetive volleyball experience differs, but club volleyball can help meet several goals:


  • To improve skill level and experience

  • To earn playing time in high school or to challenge starters

  • To compete at a higher level than is typically available in high school

  • To gain exposure to college coaches and programs

  • To meet new friends and play with athletes whose goals are similar to your own

  • To improve physical fitness level

  • To gain intangible benefits such as self-esteem, confidence, and life skills


For the majority of athletes, playing club volleyball is a great way to improve skills, meet new friends, and have fun, all while participating in very competitive volleyball.  The three primary factors to consider when selecting a club volleyball program are: cost, training, and competition. FJVC’s success on the court is the direct result of a consistent and analytical approach to help every player.  Our approach encompasses a training program led by talented and experienced local high school head coaches as well as former college coaches and players.  Our goal is to seek tournaments that continuously challenge our teams.  We are not a Club that enters tournaments that will give us the most wins.  The history of our competition schedule (location, difficulty of field, quality) indicates that commitment to seek the highest level of competition.  




FJVC was created to bring the youth players of Fredericksburg and surrounding areas the highest quality on and off court experience available. Our continued development of the Girls and Boys programs has allowed our teams to be successful regionally and nationally each year. FJVC's dedication to teaching proven techniques being used by the top collegiate programs in the nation has produced some of the highest-quality players in the region. If you would like to know more about our programs please see the menu at top of the page.