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FJVC's goal is to keep our player's cost down as much as possible and still have our teams participate in competitive matches.  In addition, we schedule our 'National' teams in tournaments that receive college coach visibility such as the AAU  and USA Nationals.  It is at these tournaments that college coaches can better assess our 'National' team players against excellent calibor competition.  The cost ranges for the different teams varies based upon the type of tournaments the team is scheduled to participate in.  Note: Uniform costs are not included giving parents/players the option to purchase only what they need. 


- Uniform costs are separate from the dues as we allow for the players to use their uniforms and gear from the previous year (assuming you are able to keep the same number) as it is very good quality.  If players are able to do this, it allows for cost savings if you were with the club previously.

- We have minumum items that must be ordered and then optional items that are available at a very great price, as we have a contract with Nike.

- The estimated minumum uniform cost for a National team is $250.  The estimated minimum cost for Regional team options is $150. 


Questions: For uniform costs, please contact Nicole Candelora ( 

For other questions, please contact Laurie Ulizio (

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