FJVC focuses on competitive excellence and teaching sportsmanship.  We strive to develop athletes of all ages for amateur volleyball competition with the emphasis on our youth players reaching the collegiate level.  It is our endeavor to create a safe, positive, and effective learning environment in which athletes strive to achieve individual excellence within a team dynamic.  The purpose is to promote interest in the sport of volleyball, provide training in the skills and techniques of volleyball, and teach lessons of honesty, integrity, responsibility, and work ethic.


FJVC was created to bring the youth players of Fredericksburg and surrounding areas the highest quality on and off court experience available. Our continued development of the Girls and Boys programs has allowed our teams to be successful regionally and nationally each year. FJVC's dedication to teaching proven techniques being used by the top collegiate programs in the nation has produced some of the highest-quality players in the region. If you would like to know more about our programs please see the menu at top of the page.