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FJVC was established in 1998 practicing in high school gyms.  Our first facility started with one court located at 112 Juliad Ct, Fredericksburg, VA in 2009.  Eventually, we added a half court to provide additional space for more teams to use.  In 2012, to provide more opportunities for area youth to experience the growing sport of competitive volleyball, FJVC moved to 1190 International Parkway, Suite 101.  The move helped establish two full courts.  In 2014, FJVC hosted our first AAU single-day tournament on these two courts.  Within a year, a third full court was established.  That year, FJVC would be ranked #5 in the State of Virginia by US Club  Ranking.  FJVC would follow in 2015 with a #7 ranking in the State of Virginia, and field our very first Boys team.


In August 2016, FJVC moved to provide a better playing environment.  FJVC moved to the Fredericksburg Fieldhouse (3411 Shannon Park Dr, Fredericksburg, VA).

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