COACHES 2019-2020

Head Coach: Zoe Allen

Assistant Coach: Courtney Williams

Head Coach:  Kate Heim

Assistant Coach: Debbie Furrow

Head Coach: Bianca Ceasor

Assistant Coach: Leeanne Haus

Head Coach: Dana Carter

Assistant Coach: Kelli Fox

Head Coach: Cindy Spencer

Assistant Coach: Gabby Myers

Co-Head Coach: Madison Scovell

Co-Head Coach: Jessie Gatanis

Head Coach: Nicole Candelora

Assistant Coach: Basma Joseph

Head Coach: Kristina Blackstone

Assistant Coach: Amber Wood

Head Coach: Keith Mesa

Assistant Coach: Matt Evans

Head Coach: Brittany Brown

Assistant Coach: Brianna Spittal

Head Coach: Jimmy Green

Assistant Coach: Tiffany Barrett

Coaching Positions Available


If you have a passion for the sport of Volleyball and you would like to get more involved with the area Youth, we are interested in you. Please contact Nicole Candelora at for more information.

Contact Us

3411 Shannon Park Dr,

Fredericksburg, VA 22408

Tel: 703-346-4099


FJVC was created to bring the youth players of Fredericksburg and surrounding areas the highest quality on and off court experience available. Our continued development of the Girls and Boys programs has allowed our teams to be successful regionally and nationally each year. FJVC's dedication to teaching proven techniques being used by the top collegiate programs in the nation has produced some of the highest-quality players in the region. If you would like to know more about our programs please see the menu at top of the page.