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COACHES 2016-2017

12 Regional

Jamie Ostvig                     Brigitte Stahl

Courtney Guengerich              Matthew Evans

14 Regional

Rachel Jacobson              Charlene Lewis

Deidre Walker                  Mark Walker


15 Regional

Basma Joseph                    Drew Wine

Nicole Candelora              Courtney Collier

Kelli Carneal                  Mike Carneal

17 Regional

Jill Wine                      Brittnay Brown

Niki Bernardes        

Gabby Myers      

Coaching Positions Available


If you have a passion for the sport of Volleyball and you would like to get more involved with the area Youth, we are interested in you. Please contact Nicole Candelora at for more information.

Bergin Gillespie

Contact Us

3411 Shannon Park Dr,

Fredericksburg, VA 22408

Tel: 703-346-4099

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